Hobbiton – home of the hobbits

“We’d all be lucky in life if we had the chance to experience an unexpected adventure, and then make our way back safely to a place of comfort. Sometimes the only way we can appreciate our home and the simple happiness it has to offer is to be away from it for a while.” – Noble Smith. This quote could almost come from myself though, since it’s EXACTLY what I’m doing at the moment. Experiencing an adventure and hopefully I will make my way back home to the safe comfort in order to appreciate it a lot mor.

I found this quote simply by Googling “Shire quotes”. For those of you who not know what Shire is, it’s the country where the hobbits live in the J.R.R Tolkien books and movies Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Noble Smith has dug deeper into these books and focused on the many wise things the hobbits say about life, and how this can be applied in real modern life. And event though it’s just a fairytale, there are many smart and wise word being said in there.

I haven’t read the books but I have seen the LOTR and the Hobbit movies and I think this saga is one of the best ever. I’m not a fan sleeping outside the ticket box in order to get tickets to the premier, but I do enjoy the movies and it was very funny and interesting to visit Hobbiton. Home of the hobbits and where the actual movies were recorded. Words can never describe how well made this place is. It’s so cosy, beautiful and the level of detail is just spectacular. To walk around this extremely scenic little town with 44 hobbit holes, 2 lakes, lots of gardens and so many details was almost like being in the movies – just waiting for Bilbo or Gandalf to pop up somewhere.

Right now I’m so keen on watching the movies, but I guess I have to wait patiently until I my adventure is over and I get back home to my comfort, safety and my own little Hobbiton.