Stunning Sydney

One of my best friends has lived in Sydney for a while and always says: “It’s the best city in the world!” If it’s the best can be discussed – but it’s for sure one of the best. I have been here before, but only for four days which wasn’t really enough to get a grip of it, but it was a teaser that this city has a lot to offer. After almost a month road tripping (New Zealand + The Great Ocean Road) it was about time for a litte break from all the travel and adventure. I was keen on waking up in the same place for a while, and I couldn’t have picked a better place.

So what’s so fantastic about Sydney? Well, the list can be long but I’ll try to pick the important ones:

  • It’s beautiful, very beautiful. Whether you are in the city or along the beaches, it’s a blessing for the eyes. The city centre is (as in every big modern city) full of skyscrapers but with the nearby Sydney Harbour with the bridge and the Opera house makes this downtown special. Day or night – high or low, the views are stunning.
  • The outdoor possibilities are endless. The beaches offers great facilities for loads of activities: swimming, running, biking, working-out, good surf, volleyball or just relax. Even here along the coast is a blessing to rest your eyes on. I stayed the entire time (10 days) on Bondi and did the coastal cliff walk every morning and could to it another 10 mornings without problem.
  • It’s Australia, which means it’s safe (for a big city), laid-back, easy going and friendly. Everywhere you go you see people in flip-flops and salty hair. The lifestyle and the vibe here is just amazing.

After 10 days here my backpacker-batteries are recharged and I’m ready to hit the road again. The break here in Sydney was very well-needed. Even though I love adventure and being on the move a lot, it also drains a little energy always waking up early to drive, take a bus, check in and out of hostels. At the same time I become a little restless staying in one place too long. So now I’m more then ready to hit the road again. After all, this long trip of mine is an adventure – not a holiday.

Next up: road tripping up the east coast to Brisbane. See you, mates!