Great Barrier Reef and wonderful Whitsundays

Like the birds fly to warmer parts of the world in the winter, so did I, but I didn’t go there for the heat – but to explore the ocean and the world’s largest living organism; the Great Barrier Reef. The GBR is probably one of the things people have on the bucket list when going Down Under. Another one might be where I went after the GBR; Whitsundays. One of them I liked – and one of them I loved!

I flew to Cairns, the big city up in the north east of Australia and it was a hot experience. Around 40 degrees, very humid and not very windy even though it’s by the ocean. Speaking of the ocean, you could not really take a swim here due to two very deadly creatures, one big and one small, saltwater crocodiles and the box jelly fish. The later actually has the strongest poison on earth and can kill you within just a few minutes. Luckily enough they have a fantastic pool right by the ocean boardwalk in Cairns where you can cool down.

After a day in Cairns I went on one of those boat trips out to the Great Barrier Reef. Charmed by extremely colorful and idyllic pictures I was really excited – and a little nervous for one of my fears: seasickness. Being a wise-guy, I took a double dose of motion sickness pills and thank God for that. I estimate 75 % of the people on the boat threw up. Not mentioned in the brochure. A lot of people had a really hard day just lying vomiting pretty much the entire trip.

Out on the reef we finally could go snorkeling and I also took a 20 min intro dive. The Great Barrier Reef is nice, but not breathtaking. Perhaps you think I’m negative or weird now, but I would say honest. It was a good experience and I recommend doing it, but don’t expect to experience the pictures in the brochures. In my book this is not one of the best places Australia has to offer. Whitsundays though, is a completely other story.

If the pictures of GBR lie a little bit, the pictures of Whitsundays can’t justify it’s beauty. It’s stunning! And it’s not just extremely comfortable to rest your eyes on, but it’s also fantastic to walk the beaches and swim in the ocean there. They say this is the whitest and also the finest sand on earth, and I actually believe it’s true. I find it nice that there are still places like this untouched and clean from pollution. Since it’s a big tourist attraction there are of course some boats with tourists here, but it’s a pretty big area so you could easily find your own kilometer of paradise beach to chill on. Whitsundays was on my bucket list, but not it’s also on my MUST-DO-LIST when in Australia, you won’t regret going here.

After a month in Australia it’s time to leave this nice country. Compared to South and Central-America, this felt like a holiday. Safe, clean, civilized and just a lot of beaches and summer vibes. I only had two days on one month in Australia where I didn’t go swimming in the ocean. Of course very nice, but I like diversity and am right now a little split. I have a flight booked to Manila tomorrow, the capital of Philippines. There I have the choice to either go to one of it’s many beach destinations – or head straight to my next stop for some more diverse activities; Vietnam. Right now it’s 7.30 PM and I will decide this during today’s dinner.

Anyways, Australia delivered as always and I will definitely come back here. For visiting, it’s a lovely country with plenty of things and places to go – the only problem is probably that it’s so big and that there are so many places to go. Having been here 4 times now I feel I’ve got to taste a lot of it and I suggest you should to.

Cheers Australia, this is not a good bye, it’s a see you again. Hello Asia and new adventures!