Hanging around in Hoi An

Going from a Long Island Ice Tea, to a bottle of still water can be a big contrast and change. Comparable to going from the hectic Ho Chi Minh to the ancient town in the countryside of Vietnam; Hoi An – or as I would call it, the Venice of Asia.

On TripAdvisor it’s ranked the 5h “best” place in Asia which hints that it should be somewhat nice here – and it is. I never really trust those surveys, but after spending 2,5 days here I can confirm that it’s really nice and definitely a “must-stop” if you are traveling through Vietnam. There are some OK beaches here, which is always nice, but the thing Hoi An is famous for is it’s ancient old town, which is also an Unesco World Heritage – and those places usually are pretty nice. The old town itself has no traffic, which is big contrast to the rest of Vietnam where there are lots of hectic traffic and scooters everywhere.

On the other hand, there isn’t really a lot to do here. Some tours in the countryside, cooking course and an island tour for snorkeling etc. (did not tempt after Australia since every snorkeling would be worse than it was there) so I just spent the days how I like them; relaxing, working out, enjoying the weather and the vibe. Also met some funny people on the bus here so we were a group of 4 representing Togo, India, Germany and then myself. Will definitely keep up with the funny Indian guy, since I’ve decided to go there after Nepal. It wasn’t in my initial plan, but I just found out that it’s now possible with an online VISA to India. God bless the future and technology!

Now, another bus, before I plan to change the way of transportation.