Vietnam by bike

Of all the adventures I’ve been on, motorbiking through Vietnam is one of the best of them. The motorbike itself provides a little bit of adrenaline, fun and last but not least the freedom of going wherever you want, no matter how small or odd the road might be. Just as Mel Gibson “mentions” in the end of Braveheart, freedom is one of the most fortunate things we have – or some of us have.

Motorbiking through Vietnam got popular after a certain kind of publicity, no lesser than the British motor show Top Gear (you can see the episode here:Top Gear Vietnam Special). There are of course many ways of doing it: north to south, vice versa or just some legs of it – which I did. I drove from Hue to Ninh Binh, about 600 kilometers on which I used more or less 3 days. It’s very easy to find a place to either rent a bike and drop it off or just buy one. The struggle might be transporting your big bag, which I sent separately but fortunately it went well.

Depending on which route you take, you will drive through some amazing sceneries, coastal roads, small villages on the countryside and big hectic cities. Does it sound dangerous? Well, traffic is the biggest contributor to deaths in Vietnam, but honestly I must say it was very easy to drive. There are so many motorbikes in Vietnam which gives you a feeling of safety in numbers and even though it’s hectic they aren’t very aggressive in the traffic. The best part about this bike trip, already hinted to, is the ability to just go wherever you want. If you find a way and you want to take it, just do it. The Vietnamese ride their bikes everywhere so you won’t get stuck. This freedom is something I really appreciate when I travel. It’s also something I appreciate in life in general, but some say life is a journey so maybe that’s why.

So, what does actually freedom and being free mean? There are many aspects of this and freedom might be a individual as well, but what goes for everyone, rich or poor, is being free from diseases. It can’t be said too many times: health is the greatest wealth! Yet there are millions of people with good health being far from free. Depending on where in the world you live, you might be haunted by corruption and political circumstances limiting your freedom and of course the most obvious and worst one: war. I probably don’t have many readers at all, but I would estimate that 95 % come from Norway and Sweden – some of the best countries in the world to be born in, raised in and to live in. Free from pretty much everything: war, extreme climates, nature disasters, any bigger political corruption and the list goes on. All the conditions needed in order to live a free life.

I’m feeling quiet fortunate being able to travel the world. For me it’s ultimate freedom to go where I want, when I want and do what I want. But sooner or later, approximately about 6 months if everything goes as planned, I will go home and hopefully create a life that I don’t need vacation from – and the keyword; freedom. I’ve made a promise to myself to do everything in my power ever to be employed again. I might be wrong and regret this later, but at the moment that’s what I’m feeling. I have my plan on how and what, and it will be hard, challenging and another kind of adventure. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a blog about that too – if it goes as well as I hope it will. Time will tell!