India – the worst country I’ve been to

Within 2017 I will have visited more than a 100 countries. That means I’m not very far away from that number now. It also means that I’ve seen some fantastic countries – and some less fantastic and that I have a lot to compare with. Far from all countries are amazing, but most have some elements that I like and even if I will never go back, I usually have some good memories and things to say about the country. However, I really struggle to say anything good, what so ever, about India. Let’s start from the back for once; in my book I give India 2 out of 10 points as a destination to visit. The only reasons I give two points instead of zero are easy; it’s always interesting to see a new country no matter how you like it. It gives you perspective – and I must say India really did. For example, I stayed 2 days in New Delhi, one of the world’s biggest cities with around 25 million people living there. To see how people live in such a place makes me feel extremely lucky I live in Scandinavia – or actually I would feel happy living most places than here. The other point I give because of the feeling when leaving the country – it’s such a blessing to board the flight and leave India saying to myself: NEVER again!

As always, it’s not about what you think – but why you think so. So how come my opinion is like this? First of all, as a disclaimer, I was only there for one week and only visited the “heart of India” also called the Golden Triangle which is a road trip between New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. So you might say that I judge a book by it’s cover when I say that India sucks – I can under stand that. On the other hand though; I don’t need to eat a whole pizza in order to tell whether I like it or not – even though the ingredients might not be 100 % equally distributed over the pizza. So, let the shit hit the fan:

  • it’s busy
  • it’s dirty
  • it’s noisy
  • it’s hectic
  • it was unfortunately extremely warm with about 45 degrees mid day every day and no wind or ocean
  • the food is amazing, but when it sends you to the toilet for days, it’s not that amazing anymore
  • besides Taj Mahal, it wasn’t beautiful at all
  • the people were not friendly at all, just rude and asking for money everywhere for no reason. Of course a sad consequence of being a poor country, but I’ve been to many countries even more poor with people behaving a lot better.
  • no beautiful nature, just flat and boring (even though there is in the north of India)
  • nothing really to do, besides some temples etc. but that’s quiet boring after a day or two
  • last but not least; I didn’t like the vibe at all. Really hard to relax and just enjoy being here.

    Yet, as I said, I’m glad I went here since it really enriched my perspective of the world and how lucky I am being from Scandinavia. To see more people living in one single city, than in all of Scandinavia, makes you think you are a part of the so called lucky-sperm. As glad as I am leaving India, equally glad am I for departing for my next destination. Hopefully the straight opposite of India and a real hidden gem. Time will tell, stay tuned.