A quickie in Cairo

There are some places that I want to visit – and some places I just want visited. I hope you understand the difference? If not: some places I really enjoy and don’t want to leave when the time comes. The opposite would be places I don’t really enjoy visiting, but anyway want to see. Egypt and in particular, Cairo, is one of the latter.

Even though I usually don’t weight the words of rumor too much, my gut feeling told my to do this time. Cairo is definitely not a charming city. It’s mostly pretty ugly and it’s said to be very busy and hectic – but it was literally nothing compared to India. But it’s big, or actually massive – 25 million people in the “Greater Cairo” area. That’s like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland combined – in just one city.

I only stayed 48 hours and coming from a night of literally no sleep, I slept the first half day giving me just one whole day and a morning, before going to the airport, to explore this city. I ended up visiting the pyramids of Giza (of course), a gym (also of course for me) and a cosy cafe before enjoying the sunset from the rooftop terrace of my budget hotel.

So, what can I say? Been there – done that! I guess that describes my relation to Egypt pretty well. Though I must admit I really enjoyed visiting the pyramids, the architecture was just stunning and especially considering when and how they were built. It was also a kind of a “bucket list” check-off for me, since I’ve now visited 5 of the 7 wonders of the world. Now I’m only one flight and a couple of hours in a car away from the my 6th wonder of the world – do you dare to guess where I’m heading next?a