One day in wonderful Vienna

Usually one day isn’t enough to experience a city, but it’s definitely more than enough to get a feeling of it and determine whether you like it or not. And also, when that one day turns out to be an amazing day – it doesn’t really matter that it was a short visit.

I flew from Romania to Vienna in Austria because I soon need to be in Prague in Czech Republic soon in order to meet my mom and my best friend. Before Prague, I also want to visit Slovakia and the capital there, Bratislava, which is just 30 minutes from Vienna but as there are no direct flights from Bucharest in Romania to Bratislava in Slovakia, Vienna was a good stop. A lot of countries and cities in a few sentences there!

First I met up with a good guy I traveled with in South-America for a few weeks. After a stroll in the city we went to watch the final round of the Spanish Football league, La Liga. Really nice to meet him to talk both memories and future. Football was a big, actually by far the biggest, passion in my life growing up. Real Madrid has been “my” team since 2002, when the Brazilian Ronaldo joined the team. Back then it was a team full of superstars like Ronaldo, Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos and the list goes on. 15 years later it’s still full of superstars, still my team and my passion for them is even stronger – and ironic I guess – a new Ronaldo is my role model and also the flagship of the team; Cristiano Ronaldo. So part of the reason my 24 hours in Vienna were so good was thanks to that Real Madrid won the La Liga, in the very final round of the season.

But hey, wait a second – did  you say Ronaldo is your role model?! I guess a lot of people react on this – and at the same time I can understand you a little bit, that would be judging a book by it’s cover. Yes, he has A LOT of feelings and he is anything but afraid of showing them. When he is winning and happy, he smiles from ear to ear. When, luckily not often last years, it’s not going his way you could perhaps say he looks a little cocky, arrogant, diva and acts a little childish sometimes. But he is  just a person with a lot of emotions and even that is very untypical in Scandinavia – there is nothing wrong with that. So, to the things I admire him for. On the pitch he is, in my opinion, the best player in the world at the moment – and maybe through all times. But the real admiration is actually off the pitch in two different ways. He is extremely dedicated to his profession and sacrifices everything (but family) for his success. And also, like many other professional athletes he is not very greedy. He is the sports person through all time that have contributed most to charity – and yes – with Scandinavian looser mentality some people might think that it’s no problem for him – he can afford it. And yes, he can. But other players and people can too. Take for instance Lionel Messi which everyone thinks is such a good guy, he opens up bank accounts in Panama in order to skip the taxes. Luckily enough he got caught doing it! So I would say Ronaldo is a player that is misunderstood in many ways and just because he is good and he knows it, a lot of people don’t like him. And people saying he is a diva taking off his shirt to flex his pretty decent upper body; those people are probably just jealous.

So how was Vienna? To keep it short it’s very beautiful with nice buildings, green open parks and cosy streets pretty much everywhere. A true blessing for the eye even though I didn’t visit many restaurants the few I went to were both very good and cheap. It’s said to be one of the cities in the world with the happiest people and I can believe that. Even though I just spent one day – it made me happy.