Reunion in Riga

My visit is Europe is getting closer to it’s end – and for that I’m glad. What makes me even more glad, is that this stop was not a typical backpacker / tourist / traveler stop, since a good old friend from Norway visited me – or should I say; good new friend.

I would guess this is the stop so far with the least culture, history, exercise, hiking, photography etc. but I really didn’t mind. Not at all. Sometimes, and especially now lately, I’ve struggled to find energy to take photos and I actually think it’s because of the  destinations. I’ve said it before and say it again; Europe is the least adventurous continent. So then it was perfect with a weekend of socializing!

A guy I met at my last employer came to visit me in Riga this weekend and it was hilarious fun. Just stroll around, eat, drink, prank, people-watch and of course; share gossip of people back home (everyone does that, don’t even try!). It’s funny somehow that some of the people you connect best with; you meet somewhat late in life. Growing up in a very remote place, I couldn’t really choose my friends – since there were very few children living out there. I had to stick with the few “nearby” and with nearby I mean 4 kilometers of mostly uphill by bicycle. Eventually when I moved to town for high school, I had so many people within short distance so I could choose who I wanted to spend my time with or not. In that way I could spend time and build bonds with the ones I really had a chemistry with – and also people more like myself.  There I met some of the best friends in my life – and we still are. But also, it’s nice when you are 29 and a “new” person enters your life and becomes a truly good friend.

One more “civilized” stop coming up and then I’m finally off for some adventures again. Can’t wait!