The hyped Cuba and why I deleted Snapchat

A hype is defined as a clever marketing strategy where something is advertised as something you “must” have, but often it’s not substantial at all. In terms of travel destinations, Cuba is the biggest hype I’ve ever experienced and in this post I’m gonna tell you why (I think so). Call me negative, call me picky, but keep in mind that I’ve traveled under standards that you probably can’t even imagine nor handle in terms of accommodation, transport and food – so picky is the last thing I would call my self. Most people you speak to usually say Cuba is sooooo cool and it was sooooo good and all that politically correct sh*t. I’ve spoken to a lot of people saying this, but when I ask them: “Will you ever go back?” The answer is usually “HELL NO!“. So, why wouldn’t you go back to a place if it really was that amazing? Here’s why: it simply isn’t amazing and I’m going to tell you why!

  • People 4 out of 6
    – Some say Cubans are the friendliest people in the world, and I agree to a certain point – they are very friendly. Far from perfect though; a bad thing about the Cuban people are that they are extremely lazy and also (sorry if offending anyone) pretty dumb to be honest. I don’t blame the people for this, I blame the communism because that is a political view that breeds lazy and dumb people since everyone is paid the same anyway – so why try harder. A few examples: 2 of my 3 ordered taxis never showed up, so I almost missed my pretty expensive bus rides. This caused a lot of stress and trouble. Also, when I after a week finally found a small kiosk selling energy bars, it took me an hour wait to buy them with only 2 people in the line ahead of me. I’ve never witnessed such dumbness in my entire life!
  • Food 2 out of 6
    – This is pretty well-known actually. The food on Cuba is horrible and it ain’t cheap either. The only reason I’m not giving a 1’er here is because it’s luckily enough on the rise. Both in Havana and Trinidad there are now restaurants for the foreigners to go. Some of them were OK, but most pretty bad and in relative terms expensive. I usually don’t complain on prices, but when you pay 20 US bucks for a meal and it tastes like dog food – I complain. Also, it’s pretty much impossible to buy anything in kiosk and there are no grocery stores.
  • Safety 5 out of 6
    – I felt very safe everywhere in Cuba. Big city, small city, main street or back alley. Even the dogs were kind and there are a lot of wild dogs all over Latin America that can be scary. The statistics also support this, but there are still pickpocketing, thieves, traffic etc that can be dangerous. Also, I met some women traveling around with stories of unpleasant situations with men approaching them. Also one was even harassed sexually in a taxi, so as a woman I would be vigilant. But that goes for everywhere nowadays, unfortunately.
  • Nature 2 out of 6
    – As a disclaimer I must say that I didn’t go all over Cuba, but I did visit some mountains, coastlines and took a bus across the country. When it comes to spectacular and beautiful nature, Cuba is not the place to go. That simple.
  • Culture 2 out of 6
    – I expect a lot of people to disagree here, meaning that Cuba has a lot of nice culture. I struggle to find the beauty in the culture here. It’s mostly about being lazy with a “mañana mañana attitude”, drinking beer all day long and then there is this horrible latino music that it’s impossible  to take cover from. I like to read, so I searched for cafés and parks to read in but it was impossible to find a single place which was quiet. Always and everywhere either high music from speakers or live bands asking for money – the only reason I would give them money is if they quit playing. All this being said; I’m not much of a salsa dancer, so if you are Cuba is probably heaven.
  • Activities 2 out of 6
    – This is of course very individual, because different people likes different things but I’m trying to be objective and I must say Cuba doesn’t offer a lot to do. Again, I think the communism is to be blamed here. Had it been legal and easier to run businesses there probably would have been a greater choice of things to do.
  • Architecture 4 out of 6
    – Cuba is different and interesting when it comes to architecture. It feels like you are 50 years back in time, which in some ways is a cool thing. The average buildings, whether residential or commercial, often look cute, cool, old and just very different – definitely nice. On the other hand, there are no impressive buildings, new or old, like the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Manhattan Skyline, Big Ben, the Sydney Opera House.. You get it, just not spectacular, but definitely cute.
  • Price level 2 out of 6
    – Surprisingly expensive I must say, especially in relative terms. You can easily end up paying around 15-20 USD for a meal which is a lot in a poor country in Latin America. Then also, when the food sucks it feels even more expensive. Think like this: if you buy a totally broken car for 1000 USD – that’s actually more expensive than a brand new Porsche for 100 000 USD. The Porsche isn’t expensive, it just costs a lot of money. Big difference.
  • Authenticity 5 out of 6
    It feels very authentic but like everywhere in the world, it’s getting touristic so if you want to experience the real Cuba you should probably go now – or preferably even yesterday.
  • Convenience and comfort 1 out of 6
    This is not the place to go if you want a typical or relaxing holiday. Bad food, you will struggle with the language unless you speak basic Spanish and in every possible way not much comfort at all. Internet is very limited and slow too, which makes some things a little complicated when traveling. To have a break from always being online is a good thing, but it’s also good to be able to choose that yourself.
  • Beachlife 3 out of 6
    – I only went to two different beach areas in Cuba, but I must say that they were very average in terms of how nice the beach and water was. Also, not many activities or restaurants. Caribbean is probably my favorite ocean, but go to other islands if you want a really nice beach holiday. (Disclaimer: Varadero is said to be super nice, but also a charter place – I didn’t go).
  • Total: an average of 2,83 – I can be humble and say 3.

So, 3 out of 6 in my book. Not necessarily that bad, but on the other hand far from as good as many people say. But again, this is my opinion and I don’t care about being politically correct – I care about my own integrity. I would never recommend anyone to go there, unless you are into salsa music and dancing. Feel free to disagree with me, different people like different things – and in this case places. I’ve been to 96 countries now, and I know what I like and not and more important: I’ve got a lot to compare to!

Why I deleted Snapchat – and why you should too!
My visit to Cuba did however result in a very positive thing: I deleted Snapchat. I assume you know what Snapchat is, if not this part won’t make much sense. This also goes for the “stories” on instagram, which in my opinion killed the photography application and made a place full of low quality content. As mentioned the internet was very limited on Cuba and Snapchat didn’t even work, so I didn’t get to check it for the 8 days I was there. At first it was a little annoying not being able to check it, because let’s face it, I’m also just a simple man that can get addicted to things and all sorts of weird  behavior. And I honestly think we check it just for the cause of checking it – we get nothing out of it! Just wasting time on, in most cases, totally braindead content. So when I got to the United States and Snapchat was accessible again I realized that I hadn’t missed it at all. A relief, to say the least. More about that further down.

Most of you probably remember when Facebook became popular and some people shared their entire lives there: breakfast, work, dinner and the list goes on. After a while this was being seen on as very nerdy and socially awkward. But guess what; now «we» are doing the same thing all over again – just times 10 worse and frequent! The same totally braindead multiplied by 10 behavior and content – just another platform. Even higher frequency and lower quality. Does the fact that it’s a new platform justify the behavior? I wouldn’t say so. Regarding the content; people barely watch it and care even less!

I think that there are some good aspects about Snapchat such as sharing small internal jokes with your friends, but it feels that this «my story» has taken over some people lives and many over-share. I mean – if you are out partying or at a concert, is the party really that boring or the concert that bad that you have to be on your phone? And who wants to see a 10 sec video with noisy crappy sound anyway? It’s almost like things aren’t happening if they aren’t shared and that it has become more important sharing the experience – than enjoying it. Also, imagine how «interesting» conversations can be nowadays:

Two colleagues meet each other at work on Monday after the weekend:

Colleague 1: “Hey! Guess what I did this weekend!”

Colleague 2: “The thing you shared on Snapstory?”

Colleague 1: “Eh, yeah.. That!”

Please, call me a hypocrite if you want to. I’ve been on Snapchat myself and know that I’m way above average active on social media sharing pictures and thoughts. But there is a significant difference; all my posts on instagram, Facebook and this blog are retrospective. My insta and Facebook lags usually 4-5 days and the blog sometimes weeks – and this post actually even 2 months. So I get to enjoy the experience when I’m there and later on when I have a few hours in an airport, like now, I reflect about it,  edit pictures and write posts.

Not being on Snapchat any more is a big relief and if I should describe it with two words it would be that I’m more present and productive. I now enjoy the experiences even more with my own eyes and not through the phone and I’ve also cut a major time thief so that I have more time to read books, watch documentaries on Netflix, update myself on the news or “just” call a friend on Messenger. I’m very happy about my choice so far and it’s been 2 months now.

Though, there is one sad thing about not being on there anymore. I used to stay in daily or at least weekly contact with some friends of mine via Snapchat, since it’s pretty convenient to chat there. So in one way I feel  more distant to some friends. We humans like to take the easy way out and our smartphones makes contact even easier – yet less authentic. Ages ago we only spoke face to face, then over phone, then perhaps e-mail or SMS which is similar to today’s chatting but required a bigger effort. We are going from authentic conversations face to face towards chatting on different internet platforms, one more braindead than the other. The smaller the format and the more cryptic it is – the “better”.

So, to summarize this up:

If visiting Cuba was a 3 out of 6 – deleting Snapchat was a 10 out of 10! A feeling of freedom and speaking of freedom; my next destination is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – and I can’t wait to get there!