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July 2017

Sleepless in South Korea – Seoul

When people ask me what I miss most from home, not that I’m homesick at all, I usually say friends & family, making my own food and also sleeping in my own bed. The last one I really could feel in Seoul, where I spent 4 nights sleeping (or trying to) in a kind of “capsule” in approximately 30 degrees Celsius and no air condition. But I really can’t blame Seoul for that, only my own greed trying to find as a cheap accommodation as possible. Actually I can’t blame Seoul for anything, since it’s a really nice city and I liked it a lot.

In many ways Korea reminds me of Japan, another very likable place. Just as Tokyo Seoul is very big, populated, busy, modern and has both a lot of skyscrapers but also cosy narrow streets and back alleys with local restaurants. If you ever have been to either one of them you know what I’m talking about. There are two things I find impressive in these cities: the infrastructure and the safety. 25 million people live in the metropolitan area of Seoul, and that’s A LOT. Yet everything flows and the infrastructure when it comes to public transport is just world class! The metros are so fast, accurate, smooth and easy to take that it will probably feel like going 20 years back in time when I get back to Scandinavia. On the other hand, the need for such efficient public transport isn’t as big in Scandinavia where we are less than 25 million on the whole big area. The other thing I find impressive is how safe Seoul (and Tokyo) is. I always ask local people, preferably somewhat young women, if they can go anywhere in their city at anytime of the day and feel safe – and in Seoul all of them said yes. Must be fantastic to live in a city like that, considering how it is many places in Europe and America.

Asian food is by far the best I would say and here in Korea you really had all of them and they were all amazing. I had probably my best sushi ever, some awesome thai food and of course the local Korean cuisine. Korea is the second best country when it comes to obesity, only beaten by Japan. And trust me, that has nothing with lifestyle to do, since people work there ass off for 10-14 hours. It’s all about the food – you become what you eat. Eat healthy, become healthy – eat shit, yeah.. you got it.

Since streaming music online and via your mobile became easy and popular, I would say music is a normal part of most young people – including me. Especially when traveling. I actually try to listen to podcasts instead of music, as I like to educate myself, learn new things and perhaps get a tiny bit smarter every day. However, sometimes you are not focused enough or not in the mood for podcast so then music is perfect. As a surprise, to people that don’t know me very well, I listen to metal – or what you probably call screaming and drums, which by the way is totally wrong but that’s another story. When you travel you have a lot of time to kill, often when you relax and I’ve come across a few really nice relaxing songs that I thought that I could share here. As mentioned, this is not my usual music, but sometimes these chill songs are perfect. For example when you are a bit tired on a bus or; when you are sleepless in Seoul.

Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit which you can listen to here

Miles Away by Years Around the Sun which you can listen to here

The Orchid (Kyte Remix) by Brighton which you can listen to here

World Spins Madly On by The Weepies which you can listen to here

Breathe by Jacoo which you can listen to here


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