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Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Ask yourself this; if you won a 100 million dollars on the lottery – what life would you live? And I’m NOT talking about what fancy house you would buy or that Italian sportscar – but how you would fill your days and live your everyday life. Most of you reading and asking yourselves this, probably are capable of living this life already today – you just have to reach out and grab it!

So what would I do if money were no object? I would live “Pura Vida” as they say here in Costa Rica – meaning Simple Life. The thing I treasure the most in life (after family, friends and health) is freedom. Freedom to choose how I want to live my life.¬†Sometimes all you need to be really happy is a pair of board shorts, a surfboard and some alright waves. To top it all off; add a beautiful sunset. This pretty much describes my days in Costa Rica.

I spent only 6 days in Costa Rica in a surf town called Tamarindo. It’s the start of the dry season and I was lucky going here right after the big hurricane Otto, which I was told was very wet. The high season for tourism here starts around Christmas, so there were no crowds worth mentioning now but some visitors and mostly Americans. Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America and due to the high numbers of Americans visiting it’s highly influenced by America – but I don’t mind. I love Uncle Sam.

The days usually started with my morning walk on the beach (except one day being really hung-over). After some relaxing on the beach, the high tide came in after lunch and the afternoons was spent surfing. I’m glad I met three American guys from Lake Tahoe in California to spend the days and nights with. We had kind of the same mentality, coming from the countryside all of us. Easygoing people and lots of fun.

When traveling and especially leaving a place I always ask myself: could I live here? This is a sign of how much I really liked it. So far in South America and Latin America, the only place I could ever think of living is Rio De Janeiro. But now there is another place on this list; Tamarindo. Why? It’s exotic but still developed, which for me is a little important. I like visiting low-standard places but could never live there. The thing I liked the most is the vibe and the lifestyle. Healthy and sporty people doing yoga, surfing, exercising and enjoying fresh food. The place itself is not the most beautiful, but the vibe here just was really good. It’s actually not impossible that I will return here one day in the future to stay a month, just to enjoy the Pura Vida.

Next stop, Nicaragua!

Costa Rica

Panama City

They call this place the Dubai of Latin America. Since I have been to Dubai three times I know the place pretty well and these cities sure have some things in common:

  • Warm
  • Big
  • Artificial
  • High buildings
  • Wealthy

Things separating the cities:

  • Culture – Arabic in Dubai vs Latino and Americano in Panama City.
  • Humidity, Panama City is sticky!
  • Sceneries; Dubai has desert, this is just green.

I came here right after the hurricane Otto so I guess the timing wasn’t the worst. A friend I met in Colombia was here during Otto and she told me it was a wet story.

Anyways, this place was just a short pit-stop after 2,5 weeks in the poor Colombia and before heading up through Central America for the coming month. It was a nice place to visit spend 2 days just to have some good food and visit some good gyms.

I guess there are some nice attractions like visiting the Panama Canal, but I saw that from above from the flight and felt it was enough actually. Always fun to visit new countries and their capitals, but this is a “been there done that” kind of place to me.

Next stop: the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to catch some waves. Can’t wait!

Panama City