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Flying via Fiji

Bula! (Word with lots of meanings in Fiji, but always positively charged)

All of you who have been traveling know that long transits can be a pain in the ass. This was one of my longest, yet one of the best. I somehow had to “kill” 16 hours on Fiji and I’ve had bigger problems in my life than this, trust me.

Since it was a short stay on Fiji (the main island) this is going to be a short blogpost. On my way from LA to New Zealand I had a little stop in Fiji were we landed at 05.30 in the morning and my flight to NZ was at 10 PM. So, I asked a taxi driver at the airport do if there was a paradise beach within an hours drive from here. He first said: “Bula!” and then he told me about this place called Natadola Beach. It took us about an hour to get there and I ain’t even going to try to describe the day or the place, just look at the pictures.

However, even though I found this paradise beach and had a good time I would recommend at least one week in the Fiji Island since they are many and said to be very beautiful. After having had some really nice beaches and waters in both Belize and Mexico my mind was now craving mountains. See you in a bit New Zealand!

Natadola Beach