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Why I quit my job to travel the world

When I write this, I have recently sold my apartment, my car and quit my job in order to travel the world for one year. Perhaps you think that this guy really hated his job and probably earned too much money. The case is, I loved my job and regarding the financial situation this is something I’ve planned and prioritized for years to make possible. So why have I chosen to do this? There are three big reasons:

This adventure is not only about traveling to paradise beaches, exotic cities and high mountains. I didn’t quit my job to travel the world. I quit my job to follow my dream! It does not matter what dream you have. Whether it be making a career, climbing Everest, building that summer house or being the greatest dad. The important thing is that you have something to work for and even more important; that you actually work for it, not only wish for it! To travel is not necessarily the best or coolest thing out there, but it’s the best thing – for me.

Another very big reason I choose to take a break in my regular life and set out on this journey is the fear of regret and fear of not staying true to myself. I think we all know the bitter feeling of regret – often something we did not do. One of the top facts in surveys regarding what old and dying people regret, is always that they did not live the life they really wanted – but a life that society and other people expected of them. Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it. I have decided not to join this statistics. Again, there is no right or wrong but I guess we all can stop for a second and ask ourselves: is this really what I want do to?

Last but not least, I’m pretty certain that a travel around the world will contribute to my own personal development. I assume to get more perspective on how the world works (and unfortunately sometimes not works) but also on how I wish to spend the rest of my life. At the same time I wish to give something back along the way. Being born and raised in Scandinavia I’m probably not aware of how lucky I am. It’s one of the safest, wealthiest and best parts of the world to live in. We often complain about the weather and yes, we do have our fair share of rain – but at least it’s not raining bombs. During my year, I hope to see happiness in people eyes, even though they live under demanding circumstances. I hope to see children smile, giving them footballs – not iPads. I hope my contribution, even though it will be by small means, will help some people to get a better life. Only time will tell, but if this comes true I’m very confident my biggest reason for this travel will be achieved: learning to find happiness in less.

I hope you will follow my journey and adventure. On this blog I will share all my thoughts and feelings straight from my heart. Of course there will be beautiful sunsets and mountain tops, but I will also share when having a grey day. Travel inspiration and lots of exciting destinations to come. On Tuesday the 6th of September I leave for Ecuador.

I will go high and low, through sand and snow. Big and small – I’m gonna do it all!


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