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Hopping through Honduras

I’m doing Central-America in a pretty short time, about 5 weeks. I have a flight to Los Angeles from Cancun in Mexico right before Christmas where I’ll spend 5 days. This means I have to skip some places in Central-America and I chose to skip Honduras for some reasons. First of all, I was entering Honduras along the Pacific coast and all the attractions are located on the Caribbean side which would have meant a lot of buses getting there. In addition to this I the countries in this region offers a lot of the same things: jungle, Maya ruins, beaches and volcanoes – so I felt I could do this in the other countries. Last but not least, Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in the world which also made it pretty easy to skip. Just to be clear, I wasn’t afraid and I’m actually heading to the world’s most dangerous country (outside a war zone), El Salvador. But, it’s always fun to get a new stamp in the passport – and I actually took a selfie in the bus too, not bad!

Picture perfect Patagonia

Even though this is pretty much as far away from home as possible, I felt a little at home. When I say home there are actually two places in mind; the first in Sweden on the farm where I grew up. A really small place with only dirt roads and this is where my heart is and where I go to find 100 % peace. My other home is Norway, the country where I’ve lived from I was 19 to 30 years and in my opinion, the best country in the world – but that’s another story.

Without exaggerating, it’s fair to say that the southern parts of Chile are almost like the northern parts of Norway. A long cold coastal line, small cosy cities and not the highest mountains but really scenic ones. You could say that this is the Lofoten of South America. A laid-back vibe with pleasant people on top of the surroundings and you have Norway in a nutshell.

I flew down from Santiago (almost 3,5 hours so it’s FAR south) to Punta Arenas and jumped on the first bus to the small city of Puerto Natales. This is the hub for adventures in Torres del Paine National Park – where I spent my time. Here you find scenic mountains, blue lakes and some wildlife too. The wildest and weirdest I came across was an armadillo. Never seen before and I must say it was really funny!

The season has not really started down here, it’s still spring and the trekking and hiking season starts around December. The good thing visiting now was there were no crowds at all – which I like when being in the wild. On the other hand, mother earth will grant you will all the 4 seasons every day and to put it this way; a really fresh breeze from Antarctica. It was windy and I had both blue skies and snow every day.

If you are in Chile and you like nature and hiking, Patagonia is a must. But if you are not in Chile or South America and REALLY like nature and hiking – go to Norway. Even though it was very scenic down here, I yet have to find a more beautiful country than Norway. And I’m not saying that of patriotism – remember that I’m not even Norwegian. The highlight of Patagonia is “Las Torres” and they are definitely on level with the sceneries back home. It’s three peaks looking like “horns” and they rise almost from sea level up to a staggering 2500 meters above sea level. Besides those; there is no place like home.

Next up is a 14 hour bus ride (including a ferry and big waves they say) in order to get to the southernmost city in the world, where you will  get a literally fresh update from me. It’s also the home country to one of my idols growing up, Diego Armando Maradona.


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