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Hanging around in Hong Kong

Weather is a big part of traveling. It definitely can make the difference between good and bad experiences of a country or city. Everything is funnier, more relaxed, easier and more beautiful in good weather or at least not rain. I’ve planned the entire trip after the weather to be honest, trying to be in the different parts of the world when the weather is good and dry and so far I’ve been extremely lucky with only a few rainy afternoons in Colombia, besides that pretty much only excellent weather. However, there was one stop that was impossible to time with the weather; Hong Kong.

The big cities in Asia are usually good stops for a few days, and now I will raid three of them in two weeks starting with Hong Kong. I had pretty high expectations on Hong Kong before going here. A big modern international city, surrounded by ocean and small mountains or hills – sounds like I can like it! And liked it I did, but I was very unlucky with the weather. June is the start of the monsoon and typhoon season, so it can be perfect weather – or the straight opposite which I had pretty much for 3,5 days except from one afternoon that was dry. So I couldn’t really do all the things I wanted to do like going to the beach and hiking in the hills. I could not do much at all besides work out and sit in cafés and restaurants, really depressing to be honest, but  since I’ve been lucky so far on the trip I try not to think of it too much. And also, it could have been worse: a few days before I arrived there was a big typhoon hitting Hong Kong, so this was just the “afterparty” of the weather Gods.

So I can’t really give a good justified sentence of this city, but I for sure can see it’s potential. The fact that it’s a very international city is also something I like, you meet people from all over the world but mainly from China. But this is not the real China, it’s more western in many ways for example when it comes to the English skills. It’s clean, modern, safe, big and I would say beautiful even though it’s mostly a concrete jungle but the water and hills add contrast to it all. One more thing, almost 8 million people are living here so the density is really high, but it’s impressive how smooth the city flows and the infrastructure is amazing with the metro. Despite all this, the weather could not really justify a very good stay here.

What also ruined the stay here a little bit was the accommodation. It was by far the worst on the entire trip so far. Hong Kong has the highest real estate prices in the world, which means expensive hotels and in my case a SHITTY hostel. But what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger. After this I decided to spend a little more on accommodation at my next destination, which is also a big city – very big.