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Puerto Rico

Paradise in Puerto Rico

After almost a year as a nomad, I was more than ready for a some vacation. No more frequent, long and uncomfortable bus rides. No tours, no touristing or stress at all. I just wanted to stay in one and same place for a week. So after probably the quickest research ever in my life, I found this place called Rincon which seemed nice. However, to choose and prepay for one place for a week can be risky – because you don’t know whether you will like it or not. But as they say; high risk – high reward. I was lucky and was rewarded with one of the best stops so far on my trip!

Nice long beaches, crystal clear blue water, amazing sunsets and a very relaxed vibe. That’s how I would describe it. It was low season when I was there, but also the 4th of July a lot of American people were there and once again I met some really good people, that I will stay in touch with. Most of the people that I’ve met that I still keep in touch with on this trip, and will visit later, are either Americans or Australians. Which I don’t mind at all since that’s my two favorite destinations and I will visit them many times in the future. It also makes sense I get most friends from these countries, because are lives are somewhat comparable and we can relate to each other lives and there is of course no language barrier. Perhaps poor people in poor countries have even more interesting stories to tell and live lives that can be both good and interesting to follow, it’s not the same when there is a language barrier and also not much understanding for each other lives. I probably can’t understand how poor they are actually living and they for sure can’t imagine the luxurious lives we are living in the western world, even though my life is pretty average.

Puerto Rico is an own country, but it’s also American territory and you can easily see how it’s influenced by the US but also by the Latin American culture. A perfect mix in my opinion! Starbucks, Wahlgreens and other typical American chains every where (in the capital San Juan, that is). Some might find this not very charming, but I really love the United States so I couldn’t be more happy than having the vibe of the states and looking like a tropical paradise at the same time. It also clearly had Spanish influence when it came to architecture and of course, the language, Espanyol! I was actually stoked to be back in a Spanish speaking country, since my trip started in one and I spent 4 months in Spanish speaking countries in the beginning. I was positively surprised how good my Spanish skills were now and it was really funny to be able to have conversations with the locals in their language.

The Spanish speaking people, and Latinos in general, are for sure different from us vikings from Northern Europe. They are louder, speak faster, have more energy, charisma and take more place – at least compared to where I come from. I’ve actually been told a joke about Scandinavia a couple of times on this trip, and it goes like this: “There is no reason to learn a Scandinavian language – because they never speak!”. Of course a big exaggeration but I do think they have a point – we are in general more quiet than most other kinds of people. I’m not saying that is bad, because sometimes I miss quiet surroundings. Especially the fact that all over Latin America they play LOUD music everywhere and all the time.

Speaking of music, my next stop is known for being home of a specific type of music; reggae! With this, I shouldn’t have to tell where I’m actually going, but if you still haven’t got it, I’m going to the home country of Bob Marley.