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Lost in the city of angels

Los Angeles, L.A, City of Angels, City of Dreams (and broken dreams), City of Lights, the Big Orange and the list goes on. We find many names for those we love. I’ll get straight to the point; I love this city and it’s in my top 3 cities in the world – perhaps even number one if I really had to pick just one. (Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Vancouver and San Diego are some other favorites). A lot of people question my choice and often say: “How can you like it? It’s so shallow and superficial” – Well, if you call a city with 18 million people living there, that city is not superficial – you are.

I’ve been here 5 times now and the things I like (love) about this place are many. First of all the climate is perfect with warm and sunny weather, but not too warm thanks to the Pacific breeze that keeps it dry and not humid. The climate and weather brings an outdoor and sporty lifestyle that I really like. To have a morning walk, run, bikerun or surfing session in the morning is for me quality of life. When it comes to the location it really has it all: a scenic coastline with beaches, proximity to both small and big cities, somewhat close to the mountains for snowboarding. The fact that you have an endless summer but if you want you can drive to the mountains for winter sports is really unique and worth a lot, at least for me.

Since it’s a really big city (18 million in the metropolitan area) you have all kinds of people and from all over the world and this place never sleeps. You can find everything here and there is always something to do. Not to mention the food, you have some really good restaurants and cuisines from all over the world both pricy and cheap.

Ever since the first time I got here I’ve had this feeling and attraction to this city that I would like to live here, at least for a year or two, to find out if this place is as good to live in or just an amazing place to visit. When here on holiday, you can do all those things you like but if you live here perhaps you won’t do it as much because you take it for granted and have to work many hours every week in order to have a descent life here since it’s expensive with accommodation. I wonder if that vibe and that special “California feeling” will be lost or even greater when living here. There is only one way to find out and it’s to try to get that VISA and move here. If you never go you’ll never know. I still have 10 months left of traveling and at that time maybe I miss home and my thoughts about life has changed, but as I feel know I really want to give LA and California a try and see how deep the rabbit hole is. Probably it would be good for the career to, if I’m able to get a descent and relevant job.

Though this city in many ways is amazing, even paradise has its snake. There are of course things here that are not optimal. First of all; the traffic. It can be insane and really congested. I was lucky now over Christmas people probably didn’t go to work as much so the traffic wasn’t an issue. Secondly, far from all in LA live the glamorous life in the hills or by the beach. It’s a very small minority and I wonder if I would be in that minority being able to enjoy the best of this city in the everyday life.

Since I couldn’t spend Christmas at home this year, I’m really glad I got to spend it in LA which feels like home in a way since I’ve been here many times and like it as much as I do. Also very grateful that a girl from Oslo spent her Christmas here and we had some really good days. Beaching, hiking, eating good food and enjoying the Christmas vibe in the city. Everything for sure is big in the states and they know how to decorate for Christmas.

My batteries are recharged and the “vacation” is over and I’m off to the back-packing life and new adventures. Very soon I’ll go on a 3 week road trip in New Zealand, which is a place I’ve always wanted to go but haven’t done due to the distance and that you need at least 3 weeks there (I will spend 4). But first, perhaps the best place in the world for a 16 hour transit; Fiji!

Btw, I really this song about LA and the video is pretty cool too.

City of Angels