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Adios Quito – hola Galapagos!

After three and a half day in Quito journey continues, but not according to the original plan. The plan was to stay on the mainland in the high altitudes before going to Peru. Though I must admit that temptation of some real summer, white beaches, crystal clear water and what many call paradise – became too strong. I’m off to Galapagos!

The good thing having absolutely NOTHING (but the flight to Ecuador) booked, makes room for a lot of freedom and spontaneity. Free like a bird! Quito has been fine, but since there will be colder and higher mountains the coming months to come in Peru, Bolivia and Chile I think this is a good decision. Diversity is always good.

So how was Quito? Definitely a beautiful city with great vibes, friendly people, good food and picturesque architecture, but I feel 3-4 days is enough. When I travel and “review” places I always ask myself: could I imaging living here? In this case the answer is no. Again, the keyword diversity is important for me. The weather is the same year round, no snow and no ocean. A restless soul like me needs four seasons. On the other hand I of course encourage to visit if you are nearby, for example before or after visiting Galapagos or Macchu Picchu in Peru – than this is perfect to acclimatize.

It’s 5 AM in the morning and soon I’m off to the airport to fly to Galapagos. Looking forward working on that tan!


“How does it feel?”

As you might imagine I’ve had a lot of questions the last days, both from people online and offline. Questions like where I will go, what budget I have and why I’m doing this alone. Perhaps I will get back to some frequently asked questions in a later post. But there is one question more frequent than any other: “How does it feel?”

The short answer on this is: “AMAZING!”

Though, I feel this question deserves a little longer answer too. Why does it actually feel so good? Imagine you have had a dream for many years that you have been working on step by step to realize. One day, it’s suddenly there – within reach. All effort, time and priorities finally paying off. Believe me, it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had – having my biggest dream in my hands! This is a feeling I hope everyone will experience at least once and I strongly encourage you to try to achieve it, no matter how big or small the dream might be.

Of course there are some other feelings and thoughts going through my head. I’m both excited and nervous at the same time, most excited though. But I think it’s good to be a little nervous, it keeps you sharp. And also, if what you do doesn’t make you nervous – is it really worth doing it? No risk no reward, that simple. Yet there is a big difference in being nervous and afraid, and I’m not afraid – not at all. Mainly because of two reasons. Anywhere you go in the world, there are mostly good people. Humans like to help and if you come with a smile – you will get a smile in return. Secondly, to worry over things you can’t control is totally meaningless. I believe a lot of people (sometimes even myself) spend too much time and energy of our lives worrying about things, that might happen. Worrying is the most stupid thing we humans do; it’s like walking around with an umbrella over our heads, waiting for it to start raining. Worry will never change the outcome!

Last but not least, I feel glad! Most of all glad for having great friends and family back home supporting me. And of course also glad for my adventures to come. The places I will experience. The people I will meet and the life long memories we will create.

Next time you will hear from me, I’ll be on the other side of the world. So, am I ready? Ready as I’ll ever be!

First step..